House Service

House Service is the name of an exhibition project that had been running for several weeks and showed the results of seven different artistic positions. All of them have been developed in the media art course "Art + Participation", offered by Joachim Blank, at the Academy for Visual Arts, Leipzig.


After the project "House Service" Sebastian Helms, Denis Luce, Inga Martel and Stefan Riebel ( decided to keep on going and build up this art space. It took us almost half a year to got done for the first exhibition in december in 2005. The pleasant cooperation with Haushalten e.V. and the carpenter Olav Petersen made it possible for us to restore the rooms and to use them in this cultural way as we are able to now.

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Studio 1st floor

After about one year Kuhturm art space we tried to enlarge the possibilities of the exhibitions. In january 2007 we have renovated the rooms on the first level right over the gallery and started out with the first exhibition in the beginning of february. Mainly these rooms are used as a studio and a working place for the artistic development and as another experimental field to try out creative ideas.

building in the back

An open day of eight close-by art spaces together with us was held in autumn of 2008 under the collaborative name »lindenow«. As participants of this open day, the kuhturm opened the new art space »building in the back« which persists as a permanent installation and extension to our place.