Performance und Ausstellung von Inga Martel, Denis Luce und Sebastian Helms

Exhibition April 5th until 13th 2006.

A white room is exhibited which appears raw and undone. The Performance occurs behind the glas that covers the entrances to the room of action. A person is continually scraping and carving the dirt off the floor. A microcam is fixed to the scraping tool which transports the view of the spatula by tearing off the material and projecting it into the neighbor room. There is also a microphone which sends the sound from the ongoing working performance up front where it is energized. The noise of the symbolicly basic action that refers to the private structure every social behavior of being can be heard from far.
One has already recognized the strange sound before even entering the gallery. Without the posiibility of placing it in context the visitor is following the noise to the place of action where he is invited for several hours to take the role of the performer and participate in this room for scraping. The days after the opening there has been a video - and soundloop that gave an impression of the performance that was shown for the opening. The scraping room has been a freeze and an installation for the rest of the exhibition.